Still need a coder for a shmup

2010-11-08 12:39:09 by idiot-monarch


I came up with this nifty idea for a steampunk/victorian shmup (haven't decided whether it should be a bullet hell game or not) that would poke fun at the 19th and 20th century. Expect communism, dictators, a world war etc. It will all be very lighthearted, as plot isn't really the main focus here.

The coder would need to be able to code the typical shmup stuff: movement, enemy and bullet patterns, bosses, power-ups. Doesn't matter which version of AS you use. We'd obviously split the sponsorship money.

Show me either a previous game/engine/whatever you've made or put together an engine quickly and I'll hook you up with my MSN.

Here's what I've done so far.


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2010-11-08 16:03:24

yo its peter!!! waddup pete

idiot-monarch responds:

get money
fuck bitches
smoke trees

4/20 4 lyf


2010-11-09 05:59:12

I have a game I absolutely MUST finish in time for christmas so any other projects will be my 2nd priority but I'd be glad to work with you if you need. t/287381

idiot-monarch responds:

I would, but I notice you're from Australia. I like to talk live with people I'm working with, so the time difference is a bit too big.


2010-11-11 02:28:09

Fair enough, my sleep pattern can be extremely flexible. Good luck.